Coaches must have their country name written at the back of the training suit and or shirt with the recommended letter heights from 6 to 8 cm. 


For any individual and/or team competition only one (1) coach must officiate close to the ring at the designated place. Coaches must wear a training suit, gymnastic shoes and carry a towel. Coaches are not allowed to wear backpacks and/or other non Taekwon-Do items in the competition area except a bottle of water . Coaches must be seated at least one (1) meter away from the competition ring. Coaches must not interfere in the competition with action or words. Coaches are the only ones allowed to present an official protest. 

Failure to abide by the above mentioned may render the coach liable to be removed from his advisory position. The removal time shall be decided by the Tournament & Umpire Committee. A removed coach must be replaced by another coach or by a competitor wearing a coaches outfit within a two (2) minute time limit. If another requested coach is not present within the two (2) minute time period the competitor shall be disqualified.